Conditions of Installation


Due to influences of the construction of auxiliary materials ( adhesive, Self-leveling cement, inter facial agent),ground environment and climate change etc. during the installation process of floor, the non-standard installation will cause

the serious hidden dangers,defects and irreversible rework loss, therefore, we advise you had better consult firstly

or hire a professional person to construct when installing PVC floor.


Ground processing:

The ground should be hard, smooth, dry,clean、no cracks 、no grease and remover, and should use the vacuum cleaner to processing the sanding ground. According to the type of ground to choose the different ground coat, the

ground coat should be evenly coated on the ground, do the self-leveling cement construction and drying.


Linear Décor Trading FZCO was established in 2007 in Dubai UAE. The company has been growing as business relationship between China and UAE strengthens and trading policy gets more tolerant. We choose LVT and SPC Flooring products which are better for the environment. Our PVC Flooring brand ”Walfloor” is famous for its eco-friendly material ,excellent quality and easy installation


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